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These BMV deals are all packaged and ready to buy.

All of the deals have been carefully selected and researched by our experienced team of finders to give you the maximum % below market value as well as rental yield and cash back.

Some of these ready-made deals are "No Money Down (NMD)" plus £5,000
cash-back on completion.

Investing "With No Money Down" Has Never Been So Easy.

If you know anything about the UK property market right now, you will probably know that most of the new build properties are not a good choice at the moment.

So where does that leave the clever investor like you?

Below Market Value (BMV) properties are those that are being sold by the owner because they are motivated and desperate to sell - quickly!

And because of that, you can snap these up for excellent discounts ...
1. Buy without ANY of your own money - all of all deals are at least
2. Get cash back of up to £5,000 per deal.
3. Allow our processing team of lawyers, brokers and finance company to manage getting to completion within 4-6 weeks--everything is already done for you.
...Meaning you can stop worrying about getting that mortgage or raising the finance for the deals!

We are currently receiving around 25-50 of these packaged and fully researched deals every month and the best ones go within the first 24 hours.

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